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Universal Online Business Supplier

“Promoting web-based services at the BEST possible price!”

Universal Online Business Supplier (U.O.B.S.) obtains or develops online services or solutions and then promotes these services at the best possible price. “Promote web-based services at the best possible price!” Promoting, sales and customer service, U.O.B.S. manages a number of website services, local and others that are open to the North American Market. Presently, U.O.B.S. is managing and, a local online advertising site and website design business, respectively. Other solutions coming soon are, lifetime hosting for a one-time cost, inexpensive internet services, and other services that will cut your monthly expenses. If you need a solution to cut your monthly expenses, you’re probably not alone, send an inquiry to see if we can help.

Services Available Now

Web Design Made delivers top quality and mobile-responsive website designs for our local market, St Thomas. Our websites are designed not only to be visually appealing but also to encourage your clients to convert, whether that means picking up the phone and calling you or purchasing a product through your site.

Elgin County market place

Coming Soon!

Elgin County Online Shopping Mall

Need an online presence, Elginzon offers four stores sizes that won’t break your budget. List your business services on the small plan or if you have a number of products just order a larger store. Set up a medium plan and start your business. Elgin County businesses only. Create your own traffic to the mall and everyone benefits!

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR MORE CUSTOMERS? From start to finish, we got you covered. Our online media management consists of optimizing all your platforms, designing and then redesigning your posts to give you the maximum Return On Investment (ROI), a Review Plan, and Local Citations. A Local SEO System that tracks your views and leads which in turn helps build the analytics that forms your monthly report. Start by getting your FREE audits



We do offer lifetime hosting at a one-time cost right now but we are looking at lowering the price. Send us a message below if you would like to be contacted when this service arrives. We are trying to get the cost down to $99 USD.

StThomasMarket is a Free and Paid for Classified Listing Marketplace for St. Thomas and the surrounding areas within Elgin County. Post your specials and drive traffic to your website or to your own online store which is provided with a business membership. Residents of Elgin County get 25 Free ads per month just for registering.

Coming Soon!

Do you have an idea that you think small or medium-size businesses need? Present your idea to us, we’ll check to see if it is viable for the majority of business and if so, we can definitely work out a mutual agreement. 

FREE - Custom Online Marketing Plan

Paid Plans also Available

Just contact us for Your Free Custom Online Marketing Plan. Five resources that will help increase your traffic, which means more clients and sales. Our plan outlines what you have to do to complete your Do-It-Yourself online marketing plan, which can be customized for any business.

Don’t have time to learn all the ins and outs, leave it to us and we can develop and maintain a custom plan that fits your business – our limit is 12 clients for a paid service.   

Still Coming Soon!

We’re not sure what to put here as we are extremely busy working with our clients. We may have to expand our workforce in the near future, maybe after the holidays, lets see how the market holds up in January of 2022. 

Our Mission

We Got Started Because We Want to Make the Web A Better Place

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new business venture, where we seek to make the web a better place by offering the best pricing on online services. Our mission is to make your online shopping experience as easy and painless as possible while delivering quality services at competitive prices.

We understand that price plays a major factor in determining which services you buy online, so we strive to offer the best deals around.

Our goal is not just to build a successful business but also to help others save money and time when they shop online. We want our customers to know that when they shop with us, they’re getting the highest quality services for the lowest prices available anywhere else.

Who You Will Be Talking To

Hello, I’m Chris, your Customer Service Specialist that will be answering your questions or fulfilling your inquiries. As a Customer Service Specialist, my jobs within the company are promotions, sales, and customer service.

Please remember that since we are a newer company it could take a while to answer your questions as if you have experienced a problem, you’re probably not the only one.

If you have any suggestions at all, please send your ideas or thoughts.

Chris H.

Customer Service Specialist

Get started

Start Connecting With Your Users!

Getting connected with like-minded people is where it all starts when you want to expand your business. Networking live or online works the best, but you will find online that it is much easier due to the fact that you won’t have that awkward feeling of approaching someone you don’t know.

Facebook was invented to make friends not sell products, but as you know, it’s easy to sell to friends and they are more likely to buy or help you out by spreading the word.

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If you need help with the forms or have any questions please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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